Our History

    More than three decades ago, my childhood was filled with intoxicating aromas emanating from the family kitchen. A vivid memory clings to my mind, the one in which I helped my father prepare our homemade sazón, a culinary treasure that delighted our palates and conquered the hearts of those who tasted it. The penetrating smell of garlic and onion impregnated my hands, leaving an indelible mark in my memory.

    My father, a man dedicated to the alchemy of spices, had made the creation of this seasoning his entire life. And in a gesture full of love and pride,
     he decided to baptize it with my name, Claribel, giving it a sense of belonging and a promise to continue his legacy. As I grew up, that memory became an essential part of my being.

  Talking with our beloved CEO, Ana Claribel Peña, I realized that this memory had also left an imprint in her mind. The seed of what we know today as Claribel Sazón Dominicano, S.R.L. CLADOM and Ramírez Products Import, LLC, had been planted in those moments of connection and shared passion.

  Although my paths led me to train as a lawyer in my beloved Dominican Republic, the spirit of business and sales flowed in my veins uncontainably. Fate guided me to vibrant New York City, where my passions found fertile ground to grow and thrive. For more than two decades, business and sales became the lifeblood of my existence, a passionate dance that filled me with joy and purpose, always with divine blessing as my guide.

  One day, chance disguised itself as a friend and arrived at my door with a proposal full of possibilities. While we were talking about designing a website, I decided to show him the culinary treasure my father had painstakingly created.

«Look at this jar of seasoning,» I said excitedly, «its exquisite aroma and superior quality are unparalleled in the local market.» My friend, captivated by the scent and texture of that unique seasoning, responded enthusiastically, «The aroma, texture and quality are excellent.»

  In that instant, the world stopped around us and our minds began to weave bold dreams and projects. The idea of bringing my father’s sazón to the vibrant metropolis of New York came to life in our imaginations.

  We were convinced that its exceptional quality and incomparable taste would make it a resounding success. So, in 2018, we took the first steps to make our vision a reality.

Ramirez Products Import, LLC, is the vehicle that will allow us to bring Claribel Sazón to every corner of the United States. From the beautiful region of La Vega, in the Dominican Republic, we gave continuity to the legacy of Claribel Sazón Dominicano, S.R.L. What in its beginnings was a modest local product, today has become a reality that awakens the senses and conquers the palates of thousands of people.

  In each bottle of Claribel Sazón, you can find the passion of a family, the heritage of a father and the dream of an enterprising woman. Our story continues, writing new chapters in the world of gastronomy, and we are proud to know that our unique flavors are part of the most special moments at the table of those who seek to delight themselves with the best.

RPI Executives

«Our commitment is to bring you the best. We strive to exceed your expectations, offering you exceptional quality products and customized solutions. We are dedicated to satisfying your tastes and preferences, always striving for excellence in everything we do. Your satisfaction is our

«Our vision is to drive operational excellence in every aspect of our company. We lead a team dedicated
to optimizing processes, improving efficiency, and ensuring quality in all our operations. We strive to
achieve new levels of success, overcome challenges, and provide an exceptional experience to our
customers. Together, we forge a path towards sustainable growth and continuous innovation. Committed to success in every facet of our company!»


«We value our customers and exceed expectations in every interaction. We work hard to offer you the best
and serve you with our delicious products. We are committed to quality and excellence, always seeking to
improve and satisfy your tastes and preferences. We listen, understand, and provide personalized solutions
for you.»


«Our main goal is to establish strong business relationships with our clients, so that both end consumers and commercial partners receive a final product of excellent quality. We are passionate about witnessing the success of our clients and seeing them become our greatest ambassadors. We work together to build lasting relationships based on mutual success. Your success is our greatest achievement!»



We strive to achieve outstanding results in every product to exceed our customers' expectations.


We focus on delivering quality work, with dedication and effort in every detail, to achieve total customer satisfaction.


We make sure to provide a personalized and close attention, listening carefully to the needs of our customers in order to offer customized solutions.


Focused on dedication and effort towards optimal results, our commitment is to ensure our clients' satisfaction above all else.

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